Oak Openings Metropark is the largest park in the Toledo area, and has the most variety of wildlife. I was thoroughly impressed by the scene that greeted me as we drove into the park.

Something that surprised me was the lack of informative signage pulling into the main trail of the park. For a park that prides itself in being so diverse, its signs were underwhelming.

This was the only sign that I had passed when pulling into the main park. Pretty disappointing, and it was not even introducing the main area! The sign only announces the name of the park with the metropark logo in the corner and did not offer any additional information. I knew that my updated sign would be focused on giving the park the introduction it deserved, while also giving a glimpse into its wildlife diversity.

I stuck with the wood theme for my updated sign, and chose to highlight some of the plants that I saw. I also could not help myself by including the geese picture, as the mosquitoes were especially active the day I took these photos. Not many people know that mosquitoes lay their eggs on still water, so I wanted to mention to bring bug spray. When I first saw that plant in the top right I thought they were clovers and was shocked to find out they were actually toxic, so I included that to let people know that what they may think is a harmless plant they are used to can actually be something else.