Hello fellow plant fans! My name is Nicholas and I am taking  this class because I have always had an fascination with natural things, whether they are rocks, plants, bugs, or animals. Because of this I thought it would be interesting to take this class. When I was in middle school I participated in A Science Olympiad event about Identifying trees, but that was quit a while ago and I thought this class would allow me to refresh my memory, as well as broaden my horizons in the way of identifying smaller plants and flowers.

The image above is my coat of arms that I made in class, as it says I am from Centerville Ohio, which is a little south of Dayton and my major is Biology. For the motto or quote I put “I don’t know any quotes” because that’s what I said to myself when I was asked to write down a quote, it isn’t really true, I just could’t think of any good quotes.  For my symbol I tried to draw a praying mantis, I chose this because one of the things I am really interested in is Entomology.