Hello everyone! I’m Claire and welcome to my Ohio Plants, EEOB 2210 site! It’s a pleasure that you’ve stumbled across my page.

Although you may not have asked, Ohio Plants (ironically) is not my first “botanical language.” I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley – where the terrain and wildlife is much different than that of the Buckeye State’s. I like to think I was accustomed to the mountainous forests of Virginia, however my perspective of Ohio and everything it held within shifted after learning its’ most vast to smallest of details. Truly, it’s hard to not gain a greater appreciation of Ohio after studying its’ native microflora. With all that being said, there is much more than what meets the eye in Ohio and I’m excited to share that with you all over this course.

As you may have seen to get here, I created a “coat of arms” or something that vaguely resembles one. I like to think I’ve always been a more creative person than analytical (to which you have very right to disagree based on your observations of me), and that may have resulted in a flaw for my drawing. I somehow let the Crayola markers get ahead of me and focused more on the overall composition of the piece rather than the content.

So to clear up what my drawing could not, hi! My name is Claire. My interest include my goldendoodle, Laney, and nature. You would think after having done this assignment several days ago I could come up with something more interesting than those two. But really! I am very much interested in my dog, and if you met her, I’m sure you’d agree! My motto, likewise, does not show depth to myself in any way and to be transparent, it was the very last thing I wrote. I think it’s simple, yet true … while also being a gag among my friends for being so blatantly overused with no real deeper meaning. As mentioned before, I do come from Virginia, then moved to Ohio. I did not mention that I moved during high school, but that might be a minor detail to include. Lastly and long-term, I hope to incorporate my creative side with my nature-oriented side. I recently took a GIS course and immediately knew it was the perfect career to utilize both of my passions. I believe it’s important to convey important information, like that of the environment, and making it easy for anyone to read. Thus, by taking the data found by environmentalist around the world, I hope to make what the experts understand and make it understandable to the public.

I hope I didn’t lose you along the way of my introduction, but if you made it to here – thanks for reading about me. đŸ™‚