My name is Layne Marshall and I am a nature enthusiast! All forms of life are fascinating to me, but my particular fixation is mycology and the wonders of the mushroom world. Fungi don’t fall under the plant umbrella, but let’s all just pretend for practical reasons.

My Coat of Arms depicts a mushroom logo, showing my appreciation for our fungal friends. My motto was something I just came up with on the spot and spreads a good message, “An open heart and an open mind keeps the soul from going blind.” In essence, to truly be happy and grateful for what you have been given, it is important to let love and wonder into your life and perspective. I am from Hilliard, OH which is a suburb of Columbus and have resided here for all of my life. I am an Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology (EEOB) major and plan to move to Melbourne, Australia after graduation in the winter.

I hope to learn plant identification skills in this class as well as applicable skills about botanical surveillance.